Sunday, October 10


Just because you own the house outright -- without a mortgage -- does not guarantee that a bank won't try to foreclose on you. Apparently the banks are having a major problem with process and record keeping.~ Bloomberg

Pastors over 50 have a hard time finding new "calls." But it's not just clergy-types who are struggling. If you're over 50 and trying to find a good job of any type -- good luck! ~ NPR

Doctor Who coming to Utah ~ BBC

Our first MasterPiece Church preview worship gathering went well this morning. I was hoping for more people but it still went well. The second preview will be Sunday, November 7th, and then we shift into the weekly rhythm on November 21st. I'm still not really sold on the preview concept and I'm hearing from other church planters who are questioning whether it's really all that helpful. But at this point I am going along with the program and am enjoying the people we do meet.

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Carol Noren Johnson said...

Glad the service went well and will continue to pray for your new church. My church is small and size doesn't matter.