Thursday, October 14


> There are only two Marianas Crows left in the wild of Guam's jungles. If they can't survive in the relatively protected area of Andersen Air Force Base they won't make it anywhere on Guam.~ PNC

> 10 aspects of evangelicalism that are harmful. ~ link

> Amazing evangelical growth in Cuba ~ Global Post

> Peter Cha on the problem of hospitality. "Guests" never become a part of the decision making process. ~ link

> The online HCSB Study Bible site has launched -- nice lay-out and great study notes. ~ link

> "Arizona ranks 30th in the country for the number of people with a college degree." Yeah, but I bet we're near the top for handgun holsters. ~ link

> The guy who tasered the armored car guard was taken away by ambulance. Apparently, the courier responded by shooting the robber. All this happened yesterday morning at the Walgreens a half-mile up the street from us. This is such a nice quiet neighborhood. ~ link

> "Mexico's drug traffickers are likely to lose customers in America's largest pot consuming state if California legalizes marijuana, but they won't lose much money overall because California's residents already prefer to grow their own, according to a study released Tuesday." ~ link

> Paradox -- US non-white Hispanics outlive white non-Hispanics by 2+ yrs, in spite of more poverty. Es la burritos. ~ link

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