Sunday, October 17


> Olivia Mitchell has a very fine basic presentation format. It could work for some kinds of research papers, too. ~ link

> A nurse in England was clicking through her friend's Facebook photos when an image of her friend's two-year-old daughter gave her reason to pause. Her pause probably saved the child's life. ~ Time

> The Bev's mom is gone. ~ AP

> Scholars discussing the changing relationship between the poor and the wealthy:
...If you look at the poor as a problem, you’ll be angry at elites or you’ll expect them to come up with a solution,” said Mr. Venkatesh, who took the most pragmatic line. “You have to come in accepting that there will always be poor people in society and there will always be wealthy people in society, and neither of the two reached that status by their own efforts. ~ NY Times
> Father & Son science project -- send an iPhone attached to a weather balloon into space with the video camera running. Fun video. ~ The Atlantic

Monolithic Dome homes and buildings just make too much sense -- especially in storm prone areas. They do take some getting used to visually. But they're not ugly. ~ link

> LaVonne Neff, who is way to pragmatic writes: "Dear Candidate: Would you mind talking about your goals?" ~ link

> According to the “Global Hunger Index” (GHI) 29 countries, most in sub-Saharan Africa, suffer from “alarming” levels of hunger. Some countries have been quite successful in reducing hunger. Kuwait, Malaysia, Turkey, and Mexico have cut their scores by over 60% since 1990. Those where hunger has increased include North Korea, Comoros, and Congo. "Congo's GHI score fell by over 60%, the worst of any country." ~ Economist

> Tim Stafford asks, "Do humanitarian agencies do more harm than good?" You might be surprised by his answer. ~ link

> "'Mad" never built anything." ~ Tim Stafford's post, Refusal America

> "'Missional Church' is like 'Female Woman'" ~ link

> Shooting a fleeing burglar in the back isn't justified by the Second Amendment. Two wrongs don't a right make. Gun crazy wild west culture. ~ AZ Central

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