Saturday, October 23


> Those who over-analyze the actions and intentions of others are rarely accurate in their conclusions. But they rarely admit their errors because they've invested so much of themselves in the analysis.

Guayule rocks!!! ~ link

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya (ECCK) and Covenant World Relief are partnering to help Congolese refugee children go to school. ~ link

Amazon is trying to address one of the limitations of the Kindle -- inability to share. Personally, I want to know why e-books are so expensive relative to the paper editions. The production costs for printed editions have to be significantly higher. ~ Ars Technica

How about them Rangers! Finally, ya'll! And we're spared from more Yankee hype!

> It's not likely that the Maricopa Coounty Sheriff's Office can rehabilitate its combative image while Sheriff Joe is in office. Why are people afraid to say the obvious? A change is long overdue. ~ link
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