Wednesday, October 27


> Looking toward downtown Phoenix over one of the remaining alfalfa fields on the edge of Laveen, yesterday afternoon. Click on the picture for a bigger look.

Adam Young has a cover of In Christ Alone. Who tweaked the words? While it loses some of the drama of the original it is perhaps more theologically balanced than the original. ~ link

Bob Logan: "Is your church a family or a team?" ~ link

I didn't realize that Garrison Keillor is the spokesman for Honda in the UK until I heard his voice on ClassicFM. Since they closed the station off to online listening outside the UK I've been a bit out of the loop. Now that I can listen again through the Droid ClassicFM app I'm rediscovering English life -- and how Minnesotan has skipped across the pond.

People are spending more on Halloween this year. ~ link

And now -- the All-Spud Diet -- guaranteed to... make you weary of potatoes. ~ KTAR

This is sure to annoy many Arizonans and will undoubtedly reinforce the paranoia regarding the feds.
A federal appeals court has struck down a key part of Arizona's law requiring voters to prove they are citizens before registering to vote or casting ballots.

Tuesday's decision by a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the law requiring voters to prove their citizenship while registering is inconsistent with the National Voter Registration Act. That federal law allows voters to fill out a mail-in card and swear they are citizens under penalty of perjury, but doesn't require them to show proof as Arizona's law does... ~ AZ Central
A crocodile has been blamed for an air crash in the Congo. Panicked passengers trying to avoid a croc which got loose from a smuggler threw the plane's off balance and sent it tumbling. ~ USA Today

Corruption index 2010: the most corrupt countries in the world -- are you on the chart? Check out Singapore, New Zealand, and Denmark -- all of which have different approaches to law enforcement and social responsibility. ~ Guardian

Case of the stolen Torah. That's really bad karma -- so to speak. ~ AZ Central

Roger Olson argues for a definition of evangelical that is center-set theologically and self-defined sociologically. Of course, I can't think of anyone on my long block who would actually care how we define the term. And God himself is probably not as concerned about it as we are. ~ link

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