Tuesday, November 9


It was on November 9, 2002 -- eight years ago today, that I published the first post on this blog. I've been on Blogger the whole time -- even pre-Google -- have enjoyed and grown with the platform.

Prior to Blogger I was spending a lot of time trying to write code for my webpages. But I made a decision that I wanted to focus more on content than customization and design. And at that point there was not a lot of customization available within the Blogger system. But even back then they were pretty reliable.

When the tsunami hit in Asia on December 27, 2004 I began to relay information from friends on site in Thailand via this blog. Somehow Google started placing my posts pretty high up in the "tsunami" search results and I was getting 6,000+ hits a day (quite phenomenal in 2004 -- I suspect that there are now blogs getting 6,000 hits a minute.).  Blogger, by then safely on Google servers, didn't bat an eye or hiccup. My previous web host wouldn't have been able to hold up under the strain but Blogger kept it going -- and for free.

IOW, it's been a good ride on Blogger and I'm hoping for many more years of great service. Thanks, Blogger!
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