Wednesday, November 24

Random for Thanksgiving Day

Since most Americans will be preoccupied tomorrow I am posting tomorrow's Random collection today. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Might your day be filled with more than turkey and good food. (How much do you want to bet that the food in the Google logo today will be a fully baked meal tomorrow?)

> "Adelina Lee, a dietitian at Phoenix Baptist Hospital, says an average Thanksgiving dinner can be as much as 4,000 calories -- more than double what an active adult should be eating for an entire day." I think I need a strategy. ~ KTAR

Freeze warning for tonight -- gotta cover the young citrus, guavas, pineapples, pomegranates, papaya, dragon fruit. I need more sheets. I built a temporary greenhouse over the bananas so they should be okay.

In light of the upcoming 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, Bible publisher Thomas Nelson is launching a new website tomorrow to kick off "'400 Days of Celebration' commemorating the historical, religious, and cultural impact of the KJV." ~ link

"Studies show walking on a regular basis can reduce the deterioration of memory protecting brain tissue you lose as you age." ~ link

Uke thieves on the loose -- and in otherwise civilized places -- New Zealand and Norway. What's up with that? (I should point out that neither Norway nor New Zealand practice capital punishment. They will probably reconsider that decision.) ~ link

If wealth is the greatest predictor (per Pew research) of who uses the Internet I must be a billionaire. ~ FastCompany

"Vatican threatens new China bishop with excommunication" -- This story highlights one of the greatest problems in the Roman Catholic Church -- its theology. They think that in order for a church to be in communion with the Roman church the pope should get to approve all decisions -- in all churches everywhere. While the pope should be respected as a leader in the church, he is not THE leader of the church. (The Protestant Reformation got some things right.) The whole successor to Peter doctrine is a misread of history, tradition, and scripture -- and indeed the nature of Christ-like leadership. Leadership is exercised through example and Jesus-style sacrifice -- not hierarchical dictates.

> Arizona and Florida take note -- Faith Popcorn is reporting that Americans are now "Aging in Place: Retirees are staying put rather than packing up. 89% of those 55 and over will age in one place." ~ link

"Five young Somali men face life in prison after being convicted of piracy in the April attack on a US Navy ship. Prosecutors said the men attacked the USS Nicholas after mistaking it for a merchant ship..." Oops. They are lucky to be alive. As stupid as they were it is still sad for them and their families. ~ BBC

Long Island is dying. The dying suburbs have failed to appropriately respond to the major shifts in the American economy. They have been making decisions based on the pattern of how things were or how they thought they were. Will they whine about the whole thing or creatively reinvent themselves? ~ link
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