Tuesday, November 2


> "The Marshall Islands, an impoverished but beautiful atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, has announced plans to build a three mile-long wall to protect its most vulnerable shorelines from the rising seas."

I'm not suggesting that they shouldn't build the wall but storm surge is not a new problem in Majuro. Which is the real issue, that the seas are rising or that the islands are becoming more developed and thus there is more that needs protection from the age old surge problem? ~ Telegraph | Guardian

> Jobs that aren't going away -- and I might add "auto mechanic." There is great opportunity for auto mechanics in the Laveen area. ~ link

> So far I'm impressed with the updated NIV released yesterday morning. There is even some improved readability over the TNIV. ~ link

> Sapience -- "The safer you make it, the higher your chance of failure." ~ Phil Cooke

> When is a pipe organ just a pipe organ?
When we continually build worship upon accretions, without regard to the original foundations, we are building worship on shaky sand. We in the mainline church, who persist in building our worship on centuries of accretions, will continue to shrink until we decide to seriously question what is foundational or accretional about our worship, and then act accordingly.

What the mainline church needs to do is to refocus on what is foundational tradition—religiously, denominationally, and congregationally—and work our way back from there. Practicing an accretion is not wrong, as long as it is built on a meaningful foundation, as long as it is fertile soil for present generations and cultures, and as long as we are willing to brush it away when it becomes an impediment to growth.
~ Graham Standish
> New type of left turn signal coming. Watch for the flash. ~ EV Trib

> There are 370,000 new Twitter users every day -- new fail whale watchers.) ~ link

GM's new electric car, the Chevy Volt, will be a computer on wheels with its own IP address and 10 million lines of software code. ~ link

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