Friday, November 5


> Famous immigrant bails on Arizona -- heading back across the border hoping to run for mayor. That will just open another job for a real American. (Please note my tongue firmly wedged in cheek.) ~ New Times

First mate Starbuck on the Pequod was the inspiration for Starbucks Coffee. Now the coffee chain is headed out to sea, too. A new Royal Caribbean ship, Allure of the Seas, will house "the first Starbucks outlet in the open waters." Sounds like a magnet for Moby Dick. ~ KTAR

In upscale Scottsdale they're trying to encourage people to plant edible front yards. In my less-than-upscale neighborhood the HOA is working hard to prevent the growing of fruit in front yards. Warped. ~ link

Why doesn't Arizona observe Daylight Saving Time (other than our occasionally obnoxious contrarian attitude)? Studies show that it saves energy to not do so. Why does your state do DST? (BTW, don't forget to "fall back" Saturday night.) ~ ABC15

6 reasons why boycotts don't work ~ Phil Cooke

Robin Willians may be "famous in Guam" -- but I'm famous on Guam (more or less -- well actually a lot less than more). ~ link

Chuck E Cheese is opening on Guam this month. Now the island has really arrived. ~ PDN

I gave an invitation to the MasterPiece Church preview service to a couple of teens smoking pot in their front yard yesterday afternoon. They were totally loaded -- and mellowly grateful for the invite. You just never know who will show.

Goodwill is opening a "Clearance Outlet." (I thought that all their stores were clearance outlets.) Those people do important work and are much appreciated in the community. ~ link

"Barely an hour after President Barack Obama invited congressional Republicans to post-election talks to work together on major issues, the Senate's GOP leader had a blunt message: His party's main goal is denying Obama re-election." Shouldn't their main goal have more to do with the issues? Whether you agree with his solutions or not, President Obama is not the problem and as long as people are fixated on fixing him they'll never deal with the real issues. We need statesmen not partisan blow-hards. Otherwise we're doomed to implode. ~ EV Trib

"I think this election will go down in history. Unlike previous elections, which you can't find any information about." ~ Stephen Colbert

Jake Shimabukuro believes music is good medicine -- especially uke music! I'm ready for the release of his next album. ~ link

Domino's Pizza to pay $31,000 for one hour of work in Japan. Where can I apply? ~ KTAR

The auto industry is experiencing anxiety over Generation-Y because the young whipper snappers are relatively uninterested in owning cars. Like landlines, cars are increasingly unnecessary for many. ~ MSNBC

AT&T get's Twitter -- more or less. (We've had consistently positive customer service experiences with AT&T since returning to the States. And we have some complicated account issues that they helped sort out for us.) ~ FastCompany

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