Monday, November 8


> The sound of a baritone ukulele. The strings are DGBE (standard tuning for other ukes is GCEA), which is the same as the four highest strings on a guitar. Armelle Europe shows off her new baritone by playing Maelström, which apparently she wrote. ~ link

I was watching a Chris Wright video on Bill Kinnon's blog. Sometimes it seems that good solid expository preaching from a crafted manuscript is a lost art. Chris does it so well -- powerful word -- light on fluff, meaty -- reminds me of John Stott's style. "Confronting Idols in the Global Evangelical Church" -- Are we on the cusp of a new reformation? ~ link

Over 28,000 drug war related deaths in Mexico since 2007 ~ LA Times

RockMelt is a wedbrowser for the "Facebook era" -- from the IT dinosaurs who brought us Netscape. Who says old guys can't come up with new and cool? ~ NY Times

"Nicest Canadian couple in world" gives away their $11M in lottery winnings. There are people out there who "get it." ~ NPR

There is a "record wave of Chinese high school graduates enrolling in American colleges." This is a trend that is good for them -- and good for us. If the US wants to thrive in the 21st century we've got to do a better job of figuring out the Asian mindsets. We can't afford to not know them and have strong relationships with them. Also, it sounds like the Mormons have tapped into the trend as a mission opportunity. ~ NY Times

We got pics & email from our #2 son this morning. He is teaching at during this the inaugural semester. It sounds like they're keeping him busy and that he likes the students and campus.

We had the second MasterPiece Church preview service yesterday morning. We're looking forward to going weekly on November 21st -- to serve the people of Laveen and Western Phoenix as they serve God.

Some of the MasterPiece leaders met this afternoon and designated our first international missionaries. Eric and Karyn Sorenson are colleagues at PIU and are equipping Micronesians and Asians to be Christian leaders throughout the Western Pacific and beyond. We're excited about what they do and to be able to join their partnership team.

Americans are now at the point where they'd rather take their chances with the terrorists than to be continually subjected to the humiliating searches. Either way the terrorists have won. The NTSA needs to figure out that if they don't have the people on their side that there is no way they will be able to do their job right. They are trying valiantly but they probably need to switch tactics. ~ link

In the US 72% of black babies (compared to 24% in 1965); 17% of Asian babies; 29% of white babies (4% in 1965); 53% of Hispanic babies; and 66% of Native American babies are born to unmarried mothers today. That's a lot of kids without fathers active in their lives each day. That's a lot of extra wear and tear on our women. ~ EV Trib

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