Thursday, November 11



> David Letterman's improv about Guam ~ YouTube

Alison has a new free online course -- "21 Steps to Building a Web Business" ~ link

> My new favorite grocery store candy bar -- 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars. And they are only 85 calories per bar.

La Niña = drier, warmer winters in the Arizona desert (normally). Come on down for some winter sun. ~ KTAR

> "Dick Van Dyke 'saved by porpoises'" They were obviously fans. ~ Telegraph

> If you're taking my PIU church planting class spring semester the two texts are: Discovering Church Planting (J.D. Payne) & Viral Churches (Ed Stetzer, Warren Bird). You're welcome encouraged to start the reading early.

> Fr Tom Hopko, one of my favorite living Orthodox theologians, has a great common sense approach to Bible study in his November 8th podcast. In particular he talks about reading the Old Testament and explains the role of the Septuagint in the Church. Sometimes he doesn't really understand what the Protestant Reformers were saying but generally speaking he is pretty spot on.

> Study: whales suffering from sunburn possibly because the damaged ozone layer ~ Time

"An outbreak of polio in Congo-Brazzaville has killed more than 100 people and paralysed hundreds more..." ~ BBC

Google Instant Preview is showing up on my searches sometimes (and sometimes not). So far I'm liking it.

Is there a common Nordic state on the horizon? "Nearly half of all Danes, Finns, Norwegians, Swedes and Icelanders would like their countries to unite in a federal state, according to a poll published as members of the Nordic Council met Tuesday." ~ The Local

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