Saturday, November 13


> Seth Godin on organizational architects ~ link

How is it that the Kindle editions of Seth Godin's books are significantly more expensive than the printed editions on Amazon? What are the economics behind that?

>  Faith differences:
Several years ago, a Muslim man said to me, "I have read the entire Qur'an and can find no guidance in it on how Muslims should live as a minority in a society. I have read the entire New Testament and can find no guidance in it on how Christians should live as a majority." He put his finger on a central difference between the two faiths. Muslim societies tend to unify religion, culture, law, and politics. Whereas U.S. courts debate the legality of nonsectarian prayers at football games and public monuments to the Ten Commandments, in the Middle East even the airlines broadcast the call to prayer five times a day. And in countries with a variety of religions, like Nigeria, as the Muslim population increases, they seek to impose the religious Shari'ah law on all citizens. ~ Philip Yancey
"People spend 'half their waking hours daydreaming" -- And is that such a bad thing? I'd suggest that the benefits of daydreaming in terms of creativity and emotional recharging during difficult tasks far outweigh any negatives. And it's not like you could fix the daydreaming "problem" anyway. it is the way that we are wired as people. ~ BBC

"Cruise passengers endured stench, cold food" -- The ordeal of those stranded on the Carnival Splendor was unfortunate. But to put things in perspective, there are millions of people living in situations where the stench is overwhelming and they'd be elated to get some cold pop-tarts and Spam. But they can't escape after three days from their impoverished cruise ships in the slums of developing countries. It sounds like the passengers did a good job of making lemonade out of lemons. They seem to be fairly understanding and that is a positive sign. ~ AP

"Russian becomes most popular foreign language in China" -- It's good for business. ~ Pravda

"Study: 100,000 Hispanics left Arizona after SB1070" -- And we're wondering why the economic recovery has been so slow here compared to other places. 100,000 consumers is a big hit. Of course, it is not fair to completely tie the exodus to SB1070. Many Hispanics worked in the construction industry and there just are not that many jobs in that sector right now. ~ KTAR

SBL Greek New Testament now available for free online. ~ link (via)

Starbucks is trying to get more control over the cost of product. They're starting their own coffee plantation in the Yunnan province of China. ~ WSJ

If you're on Guam you may want to catch the Thai festival at Chamorro Village this Sunday. I know that many of our PIU students have a heart for Thailand. ~ link

Amazon is hiring thousands of temp workers in Phoenix and Goodyear ~ Phoenix Business Journal

Colombia has the highest number of displaced people in the world. -- 3.7 million. ~ Pravda

Facebook buys and appears to be preparing to give Gmail a run for their money. ~ link

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