Sunday, November 14


> McDonald's restaurants is launching a total make-over design campaign next year. They will not all look like bombed out electronic stores. ~ FastCompany

Mayor Gavin Newsom has saved the Happy meal! ~ SF Chronicle

Using pre-fabricated columns and modules, Chinese workers have built a 15-story hotel in less than a week. ~ Pravda

Canada, especially friendly Manitoba, is begging for more immigrants. ~ NY Times

So, it appears that the medical marijuana initiative in Arizona has passed. I thought it seemed like a reasonable idea when it passed in California. Hey. let the doctors decide what is good for patients. But then suddenly doctors were writing prescriptions to treat every little sniffle with weed. I voted against it in Arizona. The last thing we need here are more stoned gun-crazy cowboys running around. But... ~ link


Carol Noren Johnson said...

I don't think it passed in California, Pastor Brad.

Brad Boydston said...

In 1996 California voters passed Prop 215 which legalized the us of marijuana with prescription.

California Prop 19, did not pass last month. It would have legalized possession and use of marijuana without a prescription.