Monday, November 22


> I've enjoyed this commercial before but Jordon Cooper brought it back onto my radar last week. BTW, a cold front has moved into central Arizona and we'll have some days down into the 60's this week (about 19C for you Canuck cousins).~ link

Google is trying to stimulate the global economy again. They're hiring 2,000. ~ Reuters

Free Thanksgiving Day breakfasts at the Southern and Central McDonald's. Cool story of grateful generosity. ~ AZ Central

"Radiation from Wi-Fi networks is harmful to trees..." Hmmm... sounds more like a sixth grade science project than a university study. ~ link

Rupert Murdoch is starting a new digital newspaper exclusively for tablet devices. Will people pay 99¢/week to read it? ~ CNN

As of this week, you can now give Kindle books as gifts.

I've been using Evernote. It's a sweet little app. ~ NY Times

Andrew Sullivan has noticed Greg Boyd. It would be good if others did as well. ~ link

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