Friday, November 26


It's time to start checking in on the giant Gävle Christmas goat which has been burned down by miscreants 25 times over the years. It sounds like they're really pimping up his horns this year. The picture above is from a few years ago. ~ Webcam | Twitter

The Julbocken (Christmas goat) is roughly equivalent to Santa Claus in some areas of Sweden. The goat (or someone dressed as a goat) brings presents to children at Christmas time. It is often noted that in pre-Christian Norse mythology, Thor, the god of thunder, rode through the skies on a chariot pulled by goats during thunderstorms.

Continental Airlines is adding nine direct charter return flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenyang to Guam during the Chinese 2011 Lunar New Year holiday. Things are picking up. Cool. ~ link

"Chinese villagers 'descended from Roman soldiers'" ~ Telegraph

Tongans have cast ballots for their first popularly-elected parliament. ~ BBC

I'm now following wordnik on Twitter -- trying to develop my vocabulary. ~ link

> Those skin moles that make you worry about skin cancer may actually be advantageous in slowing the aging process. ~ BBC

It appears that the Japanese mobile phone provider Docomo (our service provider on Guam) has gone over to the darkside.

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