Tuesday, November 30


> Enrollment at the University of Phoenix is down. They've laid off 700 employees.  ~ link

I suspect that they're going to have to tweak their business model to keep up with changes in the landscape -- in particular: 1) the fact that most every college in America now offers some kind of distance education (U of P is a victim of its own success.), 2) employers are not as willing to foot the bill to enroll their employees in a program that is more expensive than the competition, and 3) if students are paying their own way they're now more cost conscious, too. And probably the biggest reason enrollment is down? 4) Their football team isn't going anywhere this season.

Mormon Times: The top 10 communities to raise an LDS family in the Southwestern US... ~ link

Hmmm... For some reason I never looked at communities in terms of best places to raise an evangelical Christian family. If anything, I'd look for the places where there is the the most mission potential or need. But, of course, Mormons see their families as their primary mission.

The people behind the Common English Bible are sponsoring an Advent Blog Tour. Interesting idea. The tour starts tomorrow. ~ link

I had a tasty and relatively healthy Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco last evening. This is not the Taco Bell I grew up with. The conversion of fast food continues.

"How long before the secret details of all our lives are leaked on the net?" Even if people knew the details of my life I'm not sure they'd bothering leaking them. I doubt that anybody would be all that interested. ~ Mail

73% of students studying in US colleges are "non-traditional" students. ~ link

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