Monday, December 6

Jeb Bush for president?

"It's the wrong approach..." ~ Jeb Bush, talking about Arizona's SB 1070 immigration law.

Jeb Bush would make a fine Republican candidate for president -- except: 1) he is perhaps too traditional and centrist for many modern Republicans, 2) his last name is a bit of an obstacle.

On the other hand, people might warm up to the quirkiness of having another Bush, and quite frankly, in spite of all the hot steamy air blowing out of the tea pots, the Republicans haven't come up with a credible candidate. If Jeb can continue to speak out in a way that distances himself from the personality-centered political frays he might just come across as THE fresh voice -- the needed voice of moderation in an era when the extremes get way too much attention. IOW, by 2012 Americans might again be weary of extremist political rhetoric. (We go through rhetorical cycles.)

Also, because his wife is Hispanic, a percentage of that voter base would jump at the chance of putting an Hispanic in the White House -- even if only a spouse. He is the smartest of the Bush men. He knows when to lay low and when to speak up. He can make deals and execute brilliant compromises. He navigated some very difficult terrain in Florida.

And while I am not "endorsing" him, the more I think about it, of everyone on the playing field (or even on the sidelines) Jeb Bush is probably the Republican with the most potential to unseat Barrack Obama in 2012.
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