Sunday, December 5


Michael Powers: Urban Ukulele Project ~ link

> Using mobile phones to make ordinary, daily financial transactions in the last place on the planet that you'd think it would work. ~ NY Times

Nancy Nordenson, who excels in creative excellence herself, reviews The Philosopher Kings -- school janitor documentary ~ link

> A Florida woman who has stalled the foreclosure process on her home for 25 years. But I doubt it has helped her credit rating or reputation. ~ WSJ

Bike computer study proves rush-hour cycling is faster than driving -- especially on Wednesdays -- in Lyon -- as in France. ~ FastCompany

Scot McKnight's "Jesus vs. Paul" article in CT. I'm still trying to figure out why it is so important to resolve perceived differences of emphasis in the Gospels and Pauline writing.
  • How does that benefit us? 
  • Is there not value in living with the tensions themselves? That is, might the tensions themselves be helpful and valuable?
  • Might it be worthwhile to require all biblical theologians to take a degree in cross-cultural studies. There are different ways of doing and saying things that only make sense within their total cultural framework -- and which are not easily transfered between cultural frameworks.
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