Tuesday, December 14


This should keep us from taking ourselves too seriously --

Using Legos to teach about creation. ~ link

I picked up the OCP CD of the new and revised mass settings. Lot's of good stuff. One of the big differences between Roman Catholic and evangelical worship music is that the RCs design the music so that people can actually sing it. Evangelical music tends to be more performance oriented -- more syncopation -- more band focused.

Is Glenn Beck a terrorist, by his own definition? Mathematically challenged? Or mongering fear for his own gain? Woe! ~ link

> "Chinese Architect Builds Egg House on Sidewalk to Escape Insane Rents" ~ link

> "A federal judge is ordering Hawaii's government to restore health benefits to low-income legal migrants from Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau." ~ Star Advertiser

Hey Phoenicians, free foreclosure prevention hotline -- 877-448-1211

> Maybe we'll skip the live camel this year. (via Susan Gillespie on FB)

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