Wednesday, December 22


> As of December 1st fireworks are legal in Arizona. We even had our first fireworks related fire yesterday. One of the goofy things about this law allowing fireworks is that most cities don't want them around. But the law was written in such a way that cities cannot ban the SALE of fireworks -- only their USE within municipal boundaries.

Right now Walmart is marketing fireworks, trying to sell them for New Year's parties. This silly sign at Walmart is a muddled attempt to explain that even though you can buy the fireworks you are not allowed to use them in Phoenix. I know of no other jurisdiction that welcomes them, either.

Mall evacuated after choral flash mob singing Messiah shakes the building ~ Sacramento Bee

South African Theological Seminary has received approval from their accreditors to replace their four-year Bachelor of Theology program with two new programs, namely a three-year Bachelor of Theology and the Bachelor of Theology (Honors). The fourth year honors degree is a graduate program and will be more research-based, consisting of five papers of 24 credits each. The school, which delivers its programs entirely through distance education, also offers accredited MTh and PhD degrees.

The Japan Covenant Church has sent missionaries to the US. They will be working primarily with Japanese nationals. ~ link

Biblica has Launched a new NIV-alike Bible in Tagalog. ~ CP

So, I'm on the phone waiting for customer service from Cox because the internet has gone down. I have to go through a long session with a bot -- which can't do a thing to help. Then the machine puts me on hold, feeding me messages that say I can find assistance by looking online at their website -- which, of course, I can't because the internet is down and that's why I'm calling. After 35 minutes on hold waiting to talk to a person, I hang up and go to bed. How is it that a "communication" company that is so clueless about communication can grow so large?

Happy 23rd Birthday Elizabeth/Betsy/Liz! We're proud of you!

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Matthew and Emily said...

Our poor mall has not had good press these past few months! After the glory it's experienced for the past 10 years, a major fire and then structural damage from overcrowding have put a damper on things.