Friday, January 7


> Spam levels have dropped. ~ Time

"You might be a liturgical nerd if you have separate iTunes playlists for Advent, Christmas, AND Epiphany." ~ Andy James

A Phoenix radio station has offered an on-air job to Bristol Palin. ~ link

Why men are turned-off by tears -- they send a chemical signal that lowers our testosterone levels. And all these years I've just thought of myself as an insensitive jerk. (Careful, I may have to disable "comments" on this post.) ~ link

We've got some drooping citrus -- and a lot of drooping bougainvilleas in the yard. I'm optimistic that most will eventually recover from the frost attack the other night.

Will the splitting of Sudan undercut African unity? ~ BBC

The current issue of Mission Frontiers is on disciplemaking -- several good articles. ~ link

Oklahoma State University’s Daily O’Collegian newspaper is setting up a pay-wall and next week will begin charging some readers. Yep. I'm sure that will be a real revenue-producing move. ~ CHE

I've got the "Tasks to Do" free version app on my Droid. I used the speech recognition to add a task related to a Chinese name and it spelled the name perfectly. Impressive. ~ link

"SURVEY: 3 out of 5 children from Christian homes have received Larry the Cucumber as their Lord and Savior." ~ link

"Buy current technology -- not state of the art" -- Wait at least six more months before jumping into a tablet. ~ Clark Howard

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xuefen said...

I think most of the Americans try their best to make themselves to become insensitive jerk.