Tuesday, January 11


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Does this signal the return of bar soap? (via) ~ link

The "ugly american" is dead:
Far from projecting an image of narrow-minded superiority, Americans abroad today are more reflective of the country's expanding diversity and cultural sophistication. They come from a broader array of backgrounds and traditions. Many still have strong ties to homelands around the globe. 
That diversity partly explains why one recent survey of hoteliers found that of all Western travelers, Americans were most likely to speak the local language. ~ Gregory Rodriquez, LA Times
Covenant World Relief -- still plugging away in Haiti. We are into long haul, very collaborative, development -- not much flash, but staying power. ~ link

I guess you have to enjoy British humor. I do. The two actors in the sketch can barely contain themselves. The micro grins on their faces get larger with each pun. They were having fun. Amusing. (via)

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Josh said...

Haha! Eggs box £3.60!