Thursday, January 20


> Move the International Dateline?
"Hawaii state representative Gene Ward says he plans on introducing a resolution in the 2011 Hawaii Legislature that would ask Governor Neil Abercrombie to ask the federal government to move the International Dateline so that Hawaii would become 'The Place Where America Begins Its Day'. Ward adds, 'More important, we could truly become the gateway to Asia.'" ~ link 
This would really mess up Guam and Saipan, which both claim to be the place "where America's day begins." But deep down inside everyone knows that America's day really begins on Wake Island.

It's that time! I started the tomato seeds in the house today.

Just when we thought that the image of the ugly insensitive image of the American was starting to disappear -- Rush has taken up Chinese. ~ BoingBoing

I still don't get the whole Hollister, California thing. It's a nice enough of a little town but I don't think I remember anyone there ever dressing like that. Artificial brands are shallow.

Download a free live MP3 version of "In Christ Alone" recorded in San Diego from Facebook. ~ link

David Fitch likes to ask fun questions.
Am I valid in saying that Neo-Reformed church planting – in that it emphasizes the singularity of the culturally relevant preaching service as the means to form a gathering – attractional? Dependent upon culturally Christianized populations? And therefore less than missional in its vision for reaching a secularized post-Christendom culture? YES OR NO? and why? ~ link
Britain burns Terry Jones. ~ Global Mail

"Justice is what love looks like in public." ~ Cornel West

Scooptacular, our favorite Phoenix ice cream, a place which I struggle to stay out of, has introduced its first "employee flavor made by Kalani, the Taylor Swift!!!" A Chocolate Espresso surprise with dark chocolate bits and Kitkat pieces. I really do need to get in there and test this one out. ~ link

Yesterday was our oldest son Kirk's last day with AT&T. Next week he moves to the Netherlands to take a new job with Tom Tom. He's a linguist who does something related to algorithms in search engines. We're excited for him and proud of him. He's been wanting to move to Europe and to learn a few more languages.

While the health care bill adopted last year is definitely less than perfect, it is good enough for now and I am unhappy that some in Congress want to debate the whole issue all over again. The decision was made. It's not fair to the country to drag us up and down this roller coaster track again. Let's get on with life. While it offends the sensibilities of some it is not going to sink the country. Give it a try and let's see if this thing actually works the way they say it will.

Compared to other cities, Phoenicians are not as generous as they used to be. ~ KTAR

Some customers will now be able to use their mobile devises to pay for their Frappuccinos. The future has arrived! Where are the future flying cars they promised us when we were children? ~ KTAR

This Sunday is Silent Sunday at South Mountain Park. No motorized vehicles allowed. ~ New Times

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