Saturday, January 22


> I'm looking forward to the day that my trees will be able to make a contribution to the "Super Citrus Saturday" sponsored by St. Mary’s Food Banks. Time to clean and glean your trees! ~ EV Trib

A pretty good and simple introduction -- "Mom, this is how Twitter works..." ~ link

"Despite large numbers of people looking for jobs, many employers are having a hard time filling open positions." ~ ABC15

Teacher ate 162 school lunches and lived to blog about it ~ CNN

> "We believe the best way to have happiness in family life is to center our teaching around the Lord Jesus Christ," said (Kurt) Blickenstaff, a Camarillo resident and president of the Mormon church's local stake. "We look to him for guidance and inspiration." ~ Mormon Times

Those of us rooted in the more historical expressions of Christianity would probably not say that Jesus Christ is an inspiration -- mostly because that idea puts the emphasis in the wrong place. It's not about what we can be inspired to do but about what he has done and is doing. We, by the grace of God, become participants in his life. But that is a different idea than looking to him for inspiration so we can live our lives in a noble way.

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