Monday, February 7


> TIME VIDEO interview with Jake Shimabukuro ~ link

I SPENT a couple of hours today in the MVD with friend Jeffrey who is trying to get an Arizona driver's license. (Unfortunately, the secondary ID and his birth certificate were inadequate -- in spite of what they had told him on his last visit -- bureaucratic nightmare.) There were hundred's of tense adults and a fair number of unhappy children packed into this huge room waiting to be called. I got to thinking that the thing they most needed in there was a flash ukulele mob. But there was only one of me and I wasn't packing the uke. Next time.

YESSSS... Kindle books getting page numbers ~ NY Times | WSJ

YESSSS... 72° days in Phoenix & beautiful sunsets

INCEPTION -- finally found a Red Box with it. At least I think I did - unless I was dreaming.

TODAY'S 2ND amendment story ~ link

THE GAME was better than average. The half-time show made me yawn. And other than the Darth Vader kid VW commercial, there was a noticeable shortage of creativity in the advertising department. We seem to be doing okay with football but otherwise we are a nation in crisis. And it has nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with the implosion of national imagination.

WELL, OKAY, at least we can laugh at ourselves. -- The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator

AGREED -- Mike Elgan: "AOL loses mind, pays $315 million for HuffPo" ~ link

IS IT JUST because I flew on United Airlines last week that I'm now hearing George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" on the radio so often? It's nice that he has a corporate sponsor.

MARTIN MARTY on Brian McLaren's approach to evolutionary Christianity ~ link

FINALLY, AFTER 50 YEARS, the "Der" is back in "Wienerschnitzel." I love hot dogs but admittedly that restaurant must be confusing to Austrian tourists looking for a nice cut of veal. ~ link

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