Wednesday, March 23


...Such a mature church is the goal toward which the church has to form itself in view of the challenge raised by the demand for self-determination. One way to gauge whether the church is moving in that direction is provided when the sentiment, "I am going to church when I need something for myself" is replaced by the thought, "I am needed there." ~ link (via)
"SINGLE PASTORS say they face discrimination" ~ link

No doubt, there is some truth in the assertion. However, I would suggest that I'm hearing similar concerns from well-qualified married ministers who have been trying for years to get a professional ministry position. The over-50 set believe that they are discriminated against as churches favor younger people with children and energy. The younger minsters think they get the short-end of the stick because churches think they can get by paying them less. It goes on and on... The fact is that well-paying established positions are fewer and farther between. I see this as an opportunity to both start new ministries and to re-think what "professional" ministry should look like in the current context.

O NO, King Tut's grandmother had a wart -- on her forehead. ~ link

YAP STATE should be getting royalties off this. ~ link

> IT TAKES 2,847 gallons of water to make a serving of chocolate; 39,090 gallons of water to make a car; 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make a pair of jeans ~ Huff

> 9,079 DEAD and another 12,645 are still missing as a result of the earthquakes and tsunamis. Fatalities related to the nuclear plant explosion and leaks -- 0. Yet, that seems to get the headlines. I've now seen big stories about harmless trace radiation in LA and Arizona.


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