Saturday, March 26



> BAYSIDE CHURCH is raising $75K for Japanese relief efforts. ~ link

THE CEB, the Common English Bible translation, is complete as of March 22, 2011 ~ link

THE FLAT TAX under consideration in Arizona would raise taxes for taxpayers who make under $100,000 a year while those earning above that amount would pay less than what they currently pay. ~

ROGER OLSON reviews Rob Bell’s Love Wins -- and he's not too rattled by anything in there. I still want to know how so many evangelicals got so worked up, so quickly, with so little information. ~ link

LIFE has become better for a lot of people ~ link


THE CANADIAN government has unraveled again -- the joys of parliamentarianism. ~ link

"MAYBE it's all the church socials, but a new study finds that those who attend religious activities are more likely to gain weight than those who don't go to church as often..." ~ Alice Park in Time

KENT, OUR #2 son is getting ready to take a quick trip to China so he can renew his South Korean visa and continue taking his Korean class in Seoul. Visa regulations are crazy everywhere.
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