Wednesday, March 30


J.D. PAYNE draws on the research of the Brookings Institute to highlight "5 Changes Influencing Mission in Metro America: A Call for More and Better." They note that the country is: (1) growing quickly, (2) rapidly diversifying so that we are a majority-minority nation, (3) facing a large aging population, (4) selectively educating the population, and (5) dividing by income (including suburbanization of poverty). Do watch the video when you've got 12 minutes. ~ link

APRIL IS "Table Tennis Month" on Guam -- just thought you needed to know that -- yet another reason to love both Guam and April. ~ link

IN CASE you haven't been following all the action, this is what the Covenant missionaries in Japan have been up to. ~ link

I'M SURE that I'm not the first person to figure this out, but if you take a Quaker Chewy Granola Bar -- "Low Fat S'mores" and stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so, it's a pretty good substitute for the real thing -- even if you do have to eat it with a fork. Do take it out of the wrapper before cooking, though.

A COBRA, AWOL from the Bronx Zoo, is now tweeting. And he has over 100,000 followers. You just never know what will capture the imagination of America. ~ BBC

NOW THE SHERIFF has 30 pilots in his posse who are donating their planes and time to patrol the southern border of Maricopa County. They're looking for illegal immigrants and drug smugglers. You definitely have to give the guy credit for creativity. What other county has a posse with 30 pilots? ~ link

AT LEAST one of the weather forecasters is predicting 100° for Phoenix on Friday. Another is saying 99°. No foolin'.

WATCHING SHERWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH, from somewhere in Georgia, on TV. Even Baptist worship ain't what it used to be. There is hope -- although they really need a ukulele or two in the massive worship leadership team/choir/band/orchestra. How can such a huge church miss something so obvious?

CEB STUDY BIBLE coming in 2013. The CEB has a few quirks and peculiarities but this may be a sleeper translation that tips the Bible scales in America. ~ link

> I DON'T know if there is a verifiable study to back this up, but it seems true -- "On average, it takes 12-20 revelatory events to lead someone to Christ in our day." ~ Steve Sjogren

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