Saturday, April 9

The orchard

I planted a new guava tree today -- this one in a pot. It's a "lemon guava" because the tart fruit has a slight lemony flavor. I also discovered this afternoon that one of the Asian white guavas that I thought had succumbed in the January frost war is pushing up new suckers from the roots. Anyway, all this tree activity got me thinking that I needed to create an inventory list of the fruit growing in the yard.

I should point out that everything is still really young and that we have received no fruit off anything, yet. However, several of the citrus trees currently have developing fruit, as do both apple trees, and the Wonderful pomegranate has lots going on.

So here it is, not counting the tomatoes, which are technically fruit.

CITRUS (all on dwarf stock)
Oro Blanco grapefruit (1)
Red Flame grapefruit (3)
Calamansi (1)
Trovita orange (1)
Blood orange (1)
Crescent Sweet orange (1)
Bearss lime (2)
Key (Mexican) lime (2)
Lisbon lemon (1)
Variegated lemon (1)
Cara Cara orange (1)
Kishu (1)
Minneloa tangelo (1)
Clementine mandarin orange (1)
Murcott mandarin orange (1)
Satsuma mandarin orange (1)
Indo mandarinquat (1)

OTHER (Much of this is on dwarf stock, too)
Cavendish banana (1)
Asian guava (1)
Lemon guava (1)
Goji Berry (1)
Jujube (2)
Date palm (1)
Manila mango (1)
Indian fig prickly pear (1)
Wonderful pomegranate (1)
White pomegranate (1)
Garden Prince almond (1)
Dorsett golden apple (1)
Anna apple (1)
Pink dragonfruit (2)

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