Tuesday, April 12


> TODAY IS National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day AND National Licorice Day. Imagine the fusion possibilities.

BACH as never before heard --

(via Dan Whitmarsh & Jake Dockter on FB)
IT IS DEEPLY disturbing that Congress would use budget issues as an excuse to ax the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It is deeply disturbing to consider what will be left on the air after 2013 -- just the kind of fluff that makes money.

I WAS saddened to see that Herbert Opalek, the director of the Merced Rescue Mission, died. I met him while I was serving Cornerstone Covenant Church in Turlock, California. He was truly a fascinating man -- a scholarly Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who converted to Christianity late in life. ~ link

SO, DONALD TRUMP is now "pro-life." Maybe he does have delusional aspirations toward the White House. ~ Economist

THE TAX BURDEN in Arizona is among the lowest. But we still think we're victims of over-taxation. ~ link

MY SERMON on the dry bones in Ezekiel 37 is online ~ link

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