Friday, May 13


AND WE'RE BACK... Blogger is up and running again.

UKULELE -- "the instrument of peace" (but we already knew that):

> EPA to Chicago: Your river needs to be clean enough for swimming ~ Huff

I'm not a princess (though I suspect my dad will fight me on this point when he reads this). And I don't think it's cynical of me to say it. It's not bad news. It's great news, actually. God has called me—has called all of us—not to a life of childlike sentimentality, but to concrete hope and service in him through discipleship. In this way I encourage women, when they're tempted to think of themselves as royal, to think of themselves as royal priests (1 Pet. 2:9). Here are the present pitfalls of being a princess—and God's alternative, which is so much better. ~ Laura Robinson
INTRODUCING Jacobus Arminius -- quickie lesson in historical theology~ link

THE BATTLE FOR THE BIBLE, with insistence on applying modern definitions of precision to the Bible, was the pinnacle of modernism in evangelical thinking.
...Again, let me repeat. The turning point in The Battle for the Bible was NOT belief in inerrancy. It was Lindsell’s claim that one cannot be evangelical and deny inerrancy. And it was the vitriolic attacks he launched on evangelical colleges, seminaries and individuals. ~ Roger Olson
AVIAN MALARIA -- growing problem:
The effects of warming on avian malaria were not universal. Birds in Asia, North America and South America suffered much less change in their levels of infection during warm years than did birds dwelling in Africa and Europe. Such trends may not have any relevance to the malaria parasites that infect humans. But avian malaria is already ravaging the native birds of Hawaii and it is now wreaking havoc in New Zealand, says Dr Garamszegi. Human beings may be able to mitigate the spread of malaria, but birds will need the help of conservationists if some species are to survive. ~ The Economist

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