Saturday, June 11


THE COVENANT CHURCH in Sweden (Svenska Missionskyrkan) has merged with two smaller Swedish denominations -- The Swedish Methodist Church and the Swedish Baptist Union. I love their new working name -- "Common Future" (Gemansam Framtid) -- a nice eschatological ring to it. There is a slight weirdness to it -- from this side of the pond. You're happy that your aging and widowed grandmother has found someone she wants to marry -- and it seems like a good thing -- but it still feels a bit weird. ~ link

MORE HEADLINE writers gone wild ~ link

THE COST OF a daily admission ticket to Disneyland just jumped to $80. ~ link

THIS IS HOW humanists understand Christian theology. It's almost as interesting as the video I highlighted yesterday where we learned that the internet is God. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start in forming a response. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is step back, enjoy the poking, and let it slide. Not always -- but sometimes. Perhaps we're not doing such a good job communicating what we believe. ~ link

I'M STILL AMONG THE WEALTHIEST 1% of all the people on earth. Plugging your income into the calculator adds a layer of perspective and discourages whining about the economy. How rich are you? ~ link (via)

WE'VE WAY OVER-ESTIMATED the power of the presidency. ~ TIME

BMW-POWERED HOVERCRAFT MOTORCYCLE -- I wonder if they'll require a motorcycle class driver's license for this one. "The bike should go 173 mph and fly as high as 10,000 feet." Why am I skeptical? ~ link

I CAN'T BELIEVE that they went through and printed hard copies of 13,000 Sarah Palin emails. Someone needs to show the Alaskans where the email forward button is located. ~ WP

WE'VE LEARNED THAT SHE may have used a government email account to exchange recipes for elk stew. I'm not a fan of either Sarah Palin or elk meat but I'm not seeing a crime in that -- especially in Alaska. At least she wasn't sending out suggestive pictures of herself strutting about without her anorak. ~ link

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