Wednesday, June 22


I DID A LITTLE UPDATE on the video of the Kunama-Eritrean House Fellowship Choir leading us in worship on Pentecost Sunday, June 12th. One song is in Ethiopian, one is in Eritrean, and one is in Kunama, a regional Eritrean dialect.

EMPIRE, NEVADA, the last company town in America, has closed ~ Huff

48% OF AMERICANS say that another Great Depression is likely to occur in the next year. That could be a self-fulfilling prophecy because the health of the economy largely hinges on the level of optimism. Until something jolts people out of their doom and gloom thinking things won't pick-up. ~ Time

DEEP SPENDING CUTS would be even more harmful to the long-term health of the US than either a default or a large deficit. We're walking gingerly along the top of a wall. And it's not the same as managing your personal finances. A lot of the world depends on us not falling off either side of the wall. We can do this. ~ The Atlantic

THE NUMBER of internet users in China has grown to 477 million. And that is with less than 40% population penetration. There are about 239 million internet users in the US -- penetrating 78% of the population. ~ link

"GUANGZHOU is the best place to live in China, according to the just-released China City Life Quality Index Report. Shanghai ranks number 2, while Beijing is number 8 on the list." ~ link

EVERY 13 YEARS or so this topic comes up -- "Sixteen Ways to Eat a Cicada" ~ Time
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