Friday, June 24



THE FIRST PIU mission team to Indonesia has completed its assignment and returned to Guam ~ link

COVENANT WORLD RELIEF & Habitat for Humanity are working together in Haiti to build upgradable houses, $4,200 each ~ link

LAVASA -- India's experimental planned city built around new-urbanism concepts and high-tech industry is almost ready to go. We can expect more of the cutting-edge creative experimentation to emerge in non-Western countries. ~ The Atlantic

THIS IS GOOD -- although the Covenant's new still has a lot of talking heads video. It's hard to avoid. I know because I've done some talking head video myself.

SPECTACULAR VIDEO -- "Giant Pacific Octopus Babies: Thousands Of Eggs Hatch" ~ Huff

IT APPEARS THAT some of the fire fighters are starting to head home. There was a brush-fire rig from an Indian reservation in Montana parked outside the Starbucks in Laveen this afternoon. Or maybe they were next door in Scooptacular. That's where I'd want to stop if I were on my way back to Montana.

I MET AND had a great visit with a couple of new Ethiopian immigrants in Starbucks this afternoon. The African population in Laveen seems to be growing weekly.

UNEMPLOYMENT ON GUAM is now at 13.3% -- 38.6% for teens. ~ PNC

"THE PHILIPPINES has complained of nine separate Chinese incursions into its territorial waters since late February, and Vietnam has also accused China of harassment in the region." Of course, China claims almost all of the South China Sea as their territorial waters. When you look on a map it does look a bit imperialistic. ~ BBC

LOOK LESS HAOLIE -- build your vocabulary -- Hawaiian word of the day on Twitter. Of course, it will take more than learning a few phrases. Lose the shoes. Don't sunburn yourself. Chill and tune into the reggae on Island925 ~ link

"WHAT WOULD IT look like if, as leaders, we focused less on the things that make our churches entertaining and more on making disciples?" I love the Foursquare Church's new video "This is Discipling" for many reasons. It's just so missional!

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