Saturday, June 25


CLARK HOWARD: "Say goodbye to the econo-box of old. A new breed of value vehicles is coming from multiple manufactures this fall and you won't believe how low the price points start." ~ link

FIVE LESSONS from the welfare state of Sweden, the "rock star" of economic recovery ~ Washington Post

THE OTHER REASON that is is not practical for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, wounded in the line of duty, to resign is that Governor Jan Brewer would in all likelihood then appoint a Republican of her liking to fill Giffords' seat. I can't imagine that the Democrats, nor the constituents in Giffords' more moderate district, would be too happy about that. Many of them are already trying to figure out how to secede from Arizona. ~ link

THE PRICE OF Coca-Cola is going up ~ link

"PER-CAPITA WATER USE has declined in 100 communities that depend on the Colorado River, the primary source of freshwater to much of the southwest. But as populations expand, overall water consumption is still climbing." ~ CSM

JUST ONE MORE THING... I'm sorry to see Peter Falk go. He was my favorite TV detective. ~ link

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