Monday, June 27



EVEYLYN LUNDBERG'S graduation speech: "So wake up and smell the ramen noodles." ~ Prairie Home Companion (audio/about 2 minutes)

BAD NEW SELLS MORE NEWSPAPERS -- "Is the Media Stifling the US Recovery?" ~ The Atlantic

Why are people growing more pessimistic even though the numbers suggest that things are not worsening but are actually mildly improving? Why are we so gullible and inclined to embrace the bad news? We enjoy seeing ourselves as victims.

"STUDY: Drivers have higher risk of skin cancer on left side" -- unless they're Aussies. ~ link

SOMETHING FROM ED STETZER to get us in the spirit for American Independence Day -- "Useless fact: guy who wrote Pledge of Allegiance was a Christian socialist w/a Nazi-style salute:"

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA plans to blanket the entire city with free Wi-Fi ~ link

"ARIZONA LAWMAKERS who received free sports tickets" -- It should be pointed out that receiving tickets is not necessarily illegal in Arizona -- as long as they are declared. At least that is my understanding. But some of this is pretty extreme. ~ link

I'M SURPRISED that Sweden is just now requiring teacher certification. ~ The Local

"IT IS BECOMING more common for Swedish families to choose to have a third child, a new study from Statistics Sweden (Statistiska centralbyrÄn - SCB) shows." Does this have anything to do with the growing number of immigrants living in Sweden? ~ The Local

GREG BOYD talks about God's providence and sovereignty ~ link

THE MIDDLE CLASS may be shrinking in the US but it is expanding in the developing world. ~ The Atlantic

YESTERDAY'S SERMON on 1 John 1:5-2:2 is online (transcription -- more or less cleaned up with all the ahhhs and likes removed -- along with embarrassing moments where I lose my train of thought.) ~
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