Friday, July 1


BONNE FÊTE du Canada!
CHINA HAS OPENED the world's longest sea bridge -- 26.4 miles. Amazing engineering. ~ Telegraph

"IS YOUR CHURCH Too Cool? -- How a pursuit of relevance can undermine authentic community." I don't think that anyone can accuse us of that -- except for perhaps the ukulele player.

STUDY: Airports experience more rain and snow when airplanes take off and land. ~ Time

I LIKE the new cleaner look on Google calendars. ~ link

THE AMAZON KINDLE fairy got into my reader and corrected a publishing error (for free) on the Common English Bible that I bought from them. It now has a table of contents. That's something you can't do with a paper edition -- correct the mistakes in everything published. Cool. Still only $4.76 for the recently released translation. ~ link

I PICKED UP a box of SkyFlakes at the Mekong market in Mesa. That Mekong market/mall is a hidden gem in the Phoenix area. I walk in there and I feel like I'm in Asia. Somehow they parachuted a mid-level Asian community market into north Mesa. Beautiful ceramic tile -- spacious -- clean -- Asian produce -- lots of places to eat.

COULD STEPHEN COLBERT become the Republican candidate? So far he's the best clown out there. ~ link

GOOD NEWS PAKISTAN -- New website with "amazing, awesome and inspirational news stories coming from Pakistan..." ~ WSJ

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