Sunday, July 3


I POSTED THIS VIDEO a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it -- and thinking that I should post it again and again until it sinks in.


MARS HILLS GRADUATE SCHOOL is changing its name to The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Well, at least now no one is going to confuse them as being associated with that other Mars Hill institution in Seattle. ~ link

IT'S HARD TO think about Christmas when it's 120° outside (unless you live in the Australian outback where 50C on Christmas happens) but the Goodwill stores in Phoenix are having a big sale on Christmas decorations this month. Well, maybe that's just what the doctor ordered to help you get through the next two months. ~ link

WONDERFULLY CRAFTED line from Scot McKnight -- "To many, sin has fallen into grace." Read his whole article on how we have become apathetic toward sin and uninterested in holiness. We've become more presumptuous of God's grace than grateful for it. ~ Relevant

GOOD BUS NEWS if you're a Laveenian -- Councilman Michael Nowakowski has announced that Valley Metro Route 77 on Baseline Rd is going to extend west to 75th Avenue. I'll be able to walk a couple of blocks south to catch the bus. There is no indication, yet, of exactly when the extended service will begin. ~ link

I HAVEN'T mentioned it recently but Cheap Dog Printing is my brother Greg's website which highlights inexpensive commercial printing options. I've used them for banners, business cards, invitations, door hangers, and more. It would be hard to beat the prices.

THE WASHINGTON POST has an article on how Muslims in America are faring 10 years after 9-11. They don't worry me. I do believe that the Muslim understanding of God is fundamentally flawed. And I believe that there are some who have taken advantage of those weaknesses to create fear and terror. But the fact is that I have encountered more people from a Christian background (I hesitate to call them Christians) who have a screwed up understanding of God and who have used their shabby theology to do damage to others. Bad theology can be dangerous -- regardless of the religion. ~ link

200 MILLION TWEETS a day. No wonder I can't keep up. ~ link

COUNTER INTUITIVE: The growing racial, ethnic, and demographic diversity of American cities and metro areas appears to be the cause of the crime decline.
It might be hard to wrap your mind around this -- especially with all the demagoguery about immigration. But the numbers tell a different story than our alarmist pundits and politicians do. "Since 1990, all types of communities within the country's largest metro areas have become more diverse," Elizabeth Kneebone, one of the authors of the Brookings report, wrote in The New Republic. "Crime fell fastest in big cities and high-density suburbs that were poorer, more minority, and had higher crime rates to begin with. At the same time, all kinds of suburbs saw their share of poor, minority, and foreign-born residents increase. As suburbia diversified, crime rates fell." Along with their entrepreneurial energy and their zeal to succeed, immigrants are good neighbors -- cultural and economic factors that militate against criminal behavior, and not just in their own enclaves but in surrounding communities as well. ~ The Atlantic

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