Tuesday, July 5


EUCHARISTIC "FLASH MOB" - regardless of what you think of "eucharistic adoration," this is interesting in that it moves the devotional practice outside the walls of church buildings. Note the varied reactions of the passing pedestrians. (via)

expects that their schools will be completely digital ("paperless") by 2015. ~ link

COLLEGE EDUCATION PAYS OFF according to David Leonhardt:
The evidence is overwhelming that college is a better investment for most graduates than in the past. A new study even shows that a bachelor’s degree pays off for jobs that don’t require one: secretaries, plumbers and cashiers. And, beyond money, education seems to make people happier and healthier... ~ NY Times
AND THERE ARE still lots of inexpensive educational options through which you can avoid college debt. Do community college and then transfer to one of these schools. Or if you want an adventure and a cross-cultural experience go to Pacific Islands University on Guam (Guam is so fusion that it is cross cultural for everyone!).

YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. I was glancing at the stats for my Fresh Fish Food blog, which is where I park the transcriptions of my sermons, talks, messages, and stories. And I was surprised to learn that 57% of the downloads go to Russia. Only 23% to the US. And then 10% go to Guam; 5% to Malaysia, 3% to Germany -- and the remaining 2% to various other places.

"MOTORCYCLIST in helmet protest ride hits head, dies" -- Tragic and unnecessary but he made his point. ~ USA Today

GUAM -- "For the first time since its creation in 1998 the Guam Waterworks Authority has achieved two consecutive years of positive earnings." And that's with half of the water pumped, leaking away before it gets to the customers. All kidding aside, this is commendable and an encouragement for all of those who are working to address the infrastructure issues on Guam. Progress is slow but sweet. ~ link

BETH BILYNSKYJ has some really choice quotes from her husband Steve's sermon on Sunday. For example:
...Law is like adult diapers. It’s a treatment for the symptoms of moral incontinence, not for the problem. And like a diaper it probably only makes you that much more aware of what you can’t control. Like a diaper it only makes you carry around your sin with you that much more closely. What’s needed is a cure for sin, not a better diaper to hold it in.
Read her post || Read the whole sermon

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