Friday, July 8


JUST FOR FUN -- I won't dance:

USE A LASER -- go to jail ~ link

AMAZON.COM will be opening a fourth distribution center in west Phoenix. ~ link

THE LA NIÑA PATTERN, which started to fade about seven months ago, appears to be reforming. That means dry for us in the Southwest deserts and wet for you guys a bit further north. For those of you in my other place, on Guam, La Niña often means average or above rainfall and a longer than normal winter pattern. ~ link

STRANGE NEW TWIST -- The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange says that it is considering a bid to buy the bankrupt Crystal Cathedral's mega-structure in Garden Grove and converting it to a real cathedral -- you know, the kind with a bishop. ~ LA Times

Just this past year in Philadelphia, there was a congregation that was doing what Christians do—hospitality. As many congregations do around the world, they had begun opening their church building to the homeless so they could have a warm, safe place to sleep overnight. The city government got wind of it and began to crack down. 
The pastor was told they were not allowed to run a shelter as they did not have proper permits, nor would they be granted them because the city did not want a shelter there. So the congregation prayed, and the Spirit moved. They announced that they would not be running a shelter, but they would have a revival from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. every night. The city did not dare stop a revival. It was brilliant. I attended the revival one night. It began with great singing, worship and sharing, and transitioned around 10 p.m. to a 10-hour period of “silent prayer.” ~ Shane Claiborne

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