Sunday, July 10



WHILE SPEAKING ENGLISH is a survival skill in places like the US, in developing countries it can be a way to get ahead. "A study on the economic impact of learning English in developing countries has concluded that the language can increase the earning power of individuals by around 25% and that developing economies need access to English if they are to grow and position themselves in the global economy." ~ link

"GEN Y BECOMES GEN G – the gourmet generation" -- I don't think it is just the 20-somethings. ~ CSM

MOSTLY WE JUST IGNORE HIM. He only has influence if you give it to him. ~ link

"SLUGGISH GROWTH IS NO MYSTERY: No one has any money" -- because we somehow misplaced the middle-class and "the prosperity of the middle class has been the chief engine of growth in the economy for a century or more... While the rich recovered the middle-class did not." Perhaps we need to build a new, wiser, and more stable middle-class. ~ Rex Nuting

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