Friday, July 15


"WHEN THE SPACE SHUTTLE gets back from its last mission, it would be hilarious if we were all dressed as apes." ~ link

DEVELOPING $25 student computers in the UK -- Raspberry Pi ~ CSM

IT SOUNDS LIKE there are people in NorCal who would like SoCal to secede.
Why should those of us who want to live in a civilized society be held hostage to a small cadre of right-wing nuts who have paralyzed the Legislature and are interested only in destroying the public sector?.. 
Those counties vote for Republicans who vow to cut taxes and spending -- and, of course, those counties also get more in state money than they contribute in taxes. That is, San Franciscans and people in Los Angeles are subsidizing with our tax dollars counties that elect people who don't want taxes. ~ link
"THE GOPHER population is out of control. It is by far the worst I've ever seen." I have not seen any sign of the critter than tunneled under the slab of our house -- and which I hosed the other day. ~ link

LUANDA, ANGOLA -- currently the most expensive city in the world in which to live ~ TIME

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