Thursday, July 21


NO HABOOBS, no rain, no lightening or thunder last night -- just heat. It's getting kind'a boring around here. Mind you, I'm not complaining. The poor people in the Midwest are suffering under high temperatures and high humidity. Meanwhile I'm laying the wet laundry out in the house to try and increase the humidity. It's good here.

CAMPUS CRUSADE has changed its name to "Cru." Okay. I'm sure that communicates something to someone. ~ CT

GOOGLE BUYS -- shortest url into thier system. ~ link

HAVE WE GIVEN IN to the temptation of missionalism? Skye Jethani has two really fine, reflective posts on this topic. ISTM that the danger comes when we shift toward doing things for God instead of with God. ~ Part 1 | Part 2

MIKE ELGAN, who like many of us has been captured by Google+, writes:
Google has created in Google+ the foundations for a utopian society that strikes a rare balance between freedom, responsibility and social consequences for one’s voluntary actions. 
Compared with Google+, other social networks are repressive and authoritarian. 
No, Google+ is not an anything-goes society of anarchy, but one with very gentle incentives that are user controlled, rather than arbitrary rules dictated by the company. Take post size. Twitter famously limits posts to 140 characters. If you type something that's 500 characters long, the "Tweet" button is disabled. If you try to post a 500-character status update, Facebook tells you "Status updates must be less than 420 characters..." ~ link

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