Friday, November 9

10 years ago today

on November 9, 2002. I put up the first post on this blog. The whole concept of blogs was still somewhat new and people thought it a bit egotistical that a blogger might be be trying to tell everyone else how to think about the world.

In my first post I wrote about "Donald Bloesch's new book THE CHURCH: SACRAMENTS, WORSHIP, MINISTRY, MISSION (IVP, 2002)." I also mentioned a new personal portable table that I bought at Costco. Subsequently that table moved with us to Guam and back to the States. And I still use it daily. It is sitting under the computer upon which I am typing right now. I don't pull Bloesch's book off the shelf daily -- but regularly. In my mind it is still the best theological overview of the church, sacraments, worship, and ministry.

Dr Bloesch's passing, just over two years ago, was worth a mention here, too.

I don't post as often here as I used to because I've shifted the more random posts over to Google Plus, which seems more suited for such things. I am waiting for more integration between the blogger platform and Google Plus.

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