Sunday, June 1

We bought a car yesterday

The insurance company totaled our Toyota Sienna minivan which was mortally wounded last Sunday morning. The other driver's insurance company, Progressive, accepted responsibility and had a check to me by Thursday (If I didn't already have such a positive long term relationship with State Farm I'd seriously look at Progressive. They were very responsive.)

Yesterday was our 33rd wedding anniversary so Cheryl and I drove to Mesa to eat at our favorite Indian buffet for lunch. After a fabulous curry loaded lunch we drove down the street to Axe Auto Sales, a small no slime operation which had previously sold us two cars. We saw this 2007 PT Cruiser, drove it, and bought it on the spot.

We'd had a PT Cruiser as a rental when we returned to Arizona five years ago and I loved driving it. But back then we needed more space so we could haul church stuff. However, now that the church is in a permanent building I'm not hauling as much cargo so PT Cruisers became an option again.

If you have to drive a car this is indeed a fun one. The driving experience reminds me of my old VW Bug. It has a very similar feel. But the cruiser does have a little more space -- and a much better air conditioner. Certainly, ivory white is the perfect color for a desert car. Current temperature at Boydston Manor in Laveen is a balmy 110°F/43°C. And it's only June 1st. :-)


Carol Noren Johnson said...

Did you get a good price, or was the expense "through the roof"?

Cool! In December we bought a car to replace a gas guzzler. This was the same day I put my leg through the roof of the garage ceiling. I titled the post "Cars and Other Things Going Though the Roof" and it got a lot of views.

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm Is there" is the commercial. We also have State Farm and when we were hit by a DUI driver they came through for us.

Brad Boydston said...

The PT Cruiser was fairly reasonable in price. The incident did not destroy our budget.