Wednesday, June 17

The role of government

One question seems to run in the background of every public conversation -- What exactly should be the role of government? Most people answer with some form of "more for me, less for others." Frankly, I don't have a very definitive answer of my own, but the Old Testament psalmist of Psalm 72 seems to have some pretty definite and authoritative ideas. (And I'd suggest that they apply not just to government but to anyone who has power.)
Please help the king
   to be honest and fair
   just like you, our God.
Let him be honest and fair
   with all your people,
   especially the poor.
Let peace and justice rule
   every mountain and hill.
Let the king defend the poor,
   rescue the homeless,
   and crush
   everyone who hurts them.
           ~ Psalm 72:1-4 (CEV)

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