Saturday, January 22

One of my teeth was feeling a tad bit funny so I reached in to see if there was something stuck between the contact points -- and it fell out. The root is still in there but the whole #4 tooth from the gumline out came out in my hand. At one point I had a mega filling in that tooth and somehow the center had rotted out. But I never felt any pain and I still don't. It's just a rough hole in there now. So if my smile is more of a smirk -- you'll know why. I'm falling apart.

The complicating factor is that I'm suppose to fly to Chicago on Tuesday and should be there for ten days. Of course, no one is getting in or out of Chicago right now. I looked in at the North Park webcam this afternoon (before I had read the weather report) and was totally surprised by the amount of snow and the way it was blowing around.

I'll call the dentist tomorrow to find out if he wants to do anything about it on an emergency basis or if I should just go in on Monday. O, joy.

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