Sunday, February 20

For this new computer I downloaded the free version of Eudora (the world's best email client, IMHO). It works great but does not have the "junk" filter that the older paid version I ran on the previous computer had. (Since this computer has a wide screen the little Eudora ads in the free version are pretty unobtrusive. So, I'm not paying this time!) In other words, my spam has increased since getting this new computer. So, I've started running all of my email into my Gmail account which then forwards it to my Yahoo account. I do a pop download from there -- or I deal with it through the web interface. What small amount gets past the Gmail filter gets picked up by the Yahoo filter. In addition, this means that Gmail is now the email archive. If anyone wants an "invite" for a free Gmail account I've got 50 left. Send me email.

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