Thursday, August 16


dome home~ Get your own FM radio station

~ Underground dome home (via)

~ Walk faster, live longer -- another reason I find it hard to believe that Guamanians live longer than mainland Americans. By comparison everything here on the island is soooo ssslllloooowwww.
~ Melissa took a picture of Cheryl, me, and one of my girlfriends, Amelia Farnsworth, at the PIBC prayer get-together last Sunday.

~ Today's reason that the Internet is so hit-and-miss. Oops. Some things still work -- a lot don't.

~ Left Behind -- in the Pacific. This article reminds me of the problem we're having at PIBC Tol, in Chuuk. We've been trying to get Internet to the campus, which has no electricity (we have generators) or phone service. We've been working all the angles -- satellite, radio, etc., trying to bring a connection to campus. We've had engineers, IT experts, satellite salesmen, and entrepreneurs all looking for solutions. Now the regional phone company is installing a radio connection to the island. But they want $5,000 for the installation fee and $390/month for a 64 kbps connection. That's with the educational discount. You should see what ordinary people pay. And you thought AOL was pricey!

~ Just released -- A Community Called Atonement by Scot McKnight and Tony Jones

~ September 12th -- "Day of Conception" -- Russians have a hard time giving up the whole social engineering thing.

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