Friday, August 17


~ More discussion regarding how it is that the more educated students in the US tend to stick with the faith in which they were raised. Some of it has to do with the shift in higher education away from the humanities and liberal arts toward business-related disciplines.

~ John Frye is doing a piece on the "Joy of Mini-Church" -- not the usual size bashing.

~ CNN on September Dawn, the new controversial movie about the September 1857 massacre of more than 100 settlers killed by a band of Mormons, posing as Native Americans. The timing of the movie's release seems political.

~ More uses for aspirin. Don't miss the additional suggestions in their comments section. I wonder if you could use aspirin to treat gray hair.

~ The Guam Public School System has lowered the minimum test scores that teachers must achieve to be granted a credential. One more step toward reaching the district's goal of providing "an adequate education" (not an excellent or quality education -- but merely an adequate education) for every student. We wouldn't want to look like an island of over-achievers.

~ The Gospel Blimp Helicopter

~ A new report predicts that the global population will grow by 50% (to 9.3 billion) by 2050. We're going to have to put all of these people somewhere. Most seem to be heading toward the cities.

~ Asimakoupoulos has been getting all kinds of electronic ink because of his piece on St Arbucks. Way to go, Greg! You just never know what's going to click with people.
~ No, my skype isn't working either. Hey, I'm used to outages. I live on Guam!

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